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Polka Dots & Picnics, LLC is a partnership created by two friends to bring friends together again and evolving into reinventing the way we gather and celebrate. Based in Portland, OR we are a woman-owned business with a combined 40+ years of professional expertise in business development and event management in both public and private sectors. Driven by a love for hosting celebrations and fine details, we are dedicated to the highest standards, unique experiences, and awe-inspiring settings in safe and meaningful environments. 

When we launched this endeavor in June of 2021 we were thrilled by the response! Our community showed a shared interest and need for connection, gathering, and celebrating in beautiful settings. The plan was for small groups in a picnic setting - but client interest said, "MORE." We are responding thoughtfully with intention. It is an honor to be invited to curate exceptional moments surrounding two people in love dedicating themselves, as well as companies trusting us with to perfectly connect their brand to client or employee engagement. Thank you.

For occasions such as these, we invite you to take a peek at the experience decks to the right here. Please note that these are simply a sketch of how we can elevate your guest experiences - a place to start the conversation and tailor the gathering to be perfectly yours. As always, no two events are ever the same.



Collaborative partners

Polka Dots & Picnics launched in June 2021 with community response far greater than we imagined. THANK YOU! Stay connected with us as we continue to evolve this site with the exciting service offerings that are organically developing as we collaborate with new partners and shape how we can curate perfect moments for you. Follow us on social media, join our email list, and contact us to learn more!

Our commitments

  • TO YOU: Polka Dots is rooted in a firm belief that fresh flowers and fine china needn’t wait for a special occasion. We are committed to doing all we can to exceed your vision for each event, making it unforgettable for each of your guests, and a signature reflection of all you wished for the moment. We’ve partnered with a handful of local partners in catering, décor, and service if you wish to elevate your experience, so you needn’t bring a thing but a smile!


  • TO OUR ENVIRONMENT: Polka Dots is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. All of our linens and service ware are reusable and washed in eco-friendly cleaning products. We avoid use of plastic bottles through our water dispenser and make great efforts to upcycle items into our inventory.


  • TO OUR COMMUNITY: Polka Dots is a locally, women-owned business with a dedication to the Northwest’s thriving nonprofit community. Each of these events enables donations to area charities, as well as being available at a discount for the fundraising efforts of aligned 501(c)3 organizations. Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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