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Making a hotel experience luxury

Still swooning over this luxury hotel picnic we styled at Portland’s iconic Jupiter Next hotel.

Can you imagine anything more luxurious than diving into this pile of cozy to relax and enjoy your favorite person with nibbles at your fingertips and a stunning view? What a treat!

That’s exactly what our client wanted to surprise her boyfriend with for his birthday … and we were all in! It’s our favorite thing to make these moments personal, meaningful, and of course memorable. Liz asked us to incorporate her man’s love for all things flora and fauna, so we curated a Secret Garden style that complemented the room’s modern design and stunning views. Vines led the eye around the cozy accommodations with a tasty nibble board nestled in featuring succulent cupcakes by Too Sweet Cakes!

She wanted to make his birthday special, and I think it’s fair to say she did just that!

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