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Give the gift of smiles and memories

If you're looking for a holiday gift that will surely bring a smile this holiday season, consider giving polka dots! They always brighten a day - every day.

Honestly, I can't tell you which of these two are my favorite. Fell in love with these 8 oz. martini glasses as soon as I picked them up - smooth, crystal clear glass with a solid heavy base. Feels great in the hand - something I'm rather picky about. Then of course, I had fun hand-painting blush polka dots and a single ladybug on each - went a lil crazy and added cheerful daisies (my lifelong favorite) on several. It's an unexpected delight as a stocking stuffer or party favor for $18 ea.

Our market tote is eco-friendly jute - 18" tall and 8" deep, it is perfect for literally everything! It comes with me to every install, client meeting, and trip to the market. Leather handles and laminated interior are up for every condition - printed with our joyful logo to bring a smile to your face with every errand or on your way to a exquisite picnic. Tuck a poinsettia or fresh bouquet of flowers inside and let this be the gift and wrap all in one for just $48 ea.

Parents. Newly weds. Co-worker. There are at least a dozen people you can think of who are hard to shop for. Consider giving them the gift of a curated memory with a gift certificate to be used for an anniversary, honeymoon kick-off, or simply a Tuesday. Our gift certificates are available in any denomination, don't expire, and can be redeemed for an experience and style of their choosing. Unique, personal, meaningful ... how's that for the perfect gift?!

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