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Pretty in pink

FAVORITE WORDS: “This is the best birthday ever!”

Lilah asked me, "Can the theme just be pink??" Yes, it certainly can be ... and this level of delight is pure joy. Soooooooo much fun to see. Visit our IG to see the adorable video of the girls' reveal and watch for Lilah's dancing feet!

Every detail received its own squeal:

- Pretty in Pink teepee experience

- Bespoke photo tumblers

- Custom birthday decor

- Pamper party

- Personalized spa menus

- Sweet treat florals

- “Miss-mosa” bar

- Individual cake decorating

My favorite moment? Dad texting me a photo of mom in her own spa robe giving the girls manicures, fully immersed in the moment. That’s a memory she and Lilah will always share.

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