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Styled to you


Here’s where it starts getting fun … and just about all you need to do! A few of your selections will help us design your event to be as personal and meaningful as you envision. Simply select one of our styles then click on to choose any of the amenities you like to elevate your event experience, and we will take it from there to curate a luxurious picnic your guests will cherish. Have a new idea? Let’s do it!

picnic styles

  • Modern Boho (natural chic)

  • Toes in the Sand (coast in the city)

  • Great Northwest (plaids and pinecones)

  • Taste of Tropics (vibrant color and flora)

  • La Vie en Rose (blushing femininity)

  • Capri by Sunset (crisp blue, white, lemon)

  • English Cottage (vintage garden)

  • Seasonal

    • All My Love (valentine’s)

    • Luck of the Irish (st. patrick's)

    • Star Spangled Joy (independence day)

    • Back-to-School (kids or parents!)

    • Hocus Pocus (halloween)

    • Harvest Memories (thanksgiving)

    • Spark, Lights, & Joy (hanukkah)

    • Winter Wonderland (holiday magic)

    • Santa is Coming to Town (christmas)

    • Vision of Sugar Plum Fairies (more christmas!)

    • Cheers to the New Year!

Capri 6.png

let's celebrate!

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