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We said, I DO!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Last weekend Polka Dots & Picnics had our coming out party at the Portland Bridal Expo. More than 5,000 brides, grooms, and loved ones gathered and we definitely felt like the belle of the ball! Five us in the booth and we were still nine people deep for the first two hours followed by a steady stream of beautiful people in love excited to start the rest of their lives in a most beautiful fashion!

There are no words for the tremendous gratitude we felt for the attention and kind words shared. We are simply over the moon. Stay tuned for exciting new opportunities that came from the dozens of other exhibitors interested in collaborating with us to elevate the luxury event experience ... and there are some great ones!

First dates Marriage proposals

Engagement parties Bridal showers

Bridesmaid proposals Bachelorette parties

Baby showers Rehearsal dinners

Birthdays + holidays Company picnics

Wellness retreats Days that ends in Y

ENORMOUS THANK YOU to our partners who made this fun booth so special - Peter Corvallis Productions and The AV Department. We simply couldn't have done this without you.

Click our photo below to enjoy a peek at our booth, a luxurious moment in the bride's celebration when she gets to invite her dearest girlfriends to join her in the journey as her bridesmaids.


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