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Picnics in Repose

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Okay, close your eyes and imagine this ... no, wait - don't close your eyes or you won't want to be able to read this fun update! You and your special someone are enjoying a romantic picnic - one of Portland's famous storms thundering outside while you lounge on floor pillows with candles flickering, and a deep pleasure in knowing that this perfect moment isn't bound by time. You're enjoying one of Polka Dots and Picnics' luxury hotel picnic for two ... an overnight experience!

One of the exciting connections we made at the bridal show last month was with the iconic Jupiter and Next Hotels. We are excited about the many ideas the Jupiter had about partnering - elevating wedding packages with a bridesmaids' proposal in the "perch", welcome cocktail party for your guests, a happily ever after brunch in the "secret garden" as a send off for the bride and groom. But tonight ... tonight is just for two. Freezing a magic moment while candles flicker and love kindles.

The Jupiter is offering Polka Dot guests 20% off their stay during a luxury hotel picnic and either of their hotels in downtown Portland. Might be a good time to make those Valentine's plans!

Stay tuned for more fun announcements for perfectly curated memories to come!

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