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Oregon Strawberry Tart, Judiaann Woo

I've never experienced fruit sing like Judiaann orchestrated in this strawberry tart. If you haven't had chance to enjoy Oregon strawberries, you are missing out! Find them at farmers' markets or markets like Zupans. They have a short season, but are worth the effort of running to find them anywhere you can. No bitter white inside like their peers - the flesh is a Lucious French lipstick red saturated in the sweetest juices.

Judiaann starts with this Pâte Sucrée (sweet tart dough) recipe. It makes two. She freezes one for later use ... like tomorrow when you need to make another of these tarts!

Next you'll need the creamy filling. I could literally bathe in this Pastry Cream recipe Judiaann uses.

Now for the stars of the dish - top with washed and dried strawberries (about four pints), then glaze it with warm apple jelly. She also offers that you opt for warm apricot jam, but you'll want to strain it first. Judiaann added tiny individual blossoms from a white hydrangea for presentation, which looked gorgeous against the red. She removed the flowers before serving. You could opt for an edible flower for yours. I intend to use chamomile blooms on mine - they look like tiny daisies.

Thank you for sharing this delicious moment, Judiaann! Follow her on IG for so many tasty places and dishes to enjoy. Oh and check out her Summer Picnic story in her highlights to see our picnic!


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