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Not your grandma's picnic anymore

We surprised birthday girl, Ryan and 14 of her 15 year old friends) with picnic inspired by all things teen + pink - donut walls, tiers of cupcakes, boujee lounging, shuffleboard, charcuterie cones, and so much more with our partner, at Hotel Vintage.

“It’s too much. It’s too much. Mama, is this okay??” And then this beautiful quiet moment where Ryan’s mom looks into her daughter’s eyes, “Yes, sweetheart - we wanted to do something special for you.” This last photo says it all - hands clenched in joy as birthday candles sparkle and parents relax into the delight of their daughter’s happiness.

Picnics needn't wait til the short handful of summer we get here in the PNW. Game lounges like this swanky one at Hotel Vintage offer your group eye to eye entertainment, meaningful connection, and cherished memories. Grow it up a bit for adults with whiskey tastings or a fondue party!

TRUE SIGN OF MISSION SUCCESS: 15 teenagers + two hours - no phones out, engaged in pool, shuffleboard, and conversation. Evidence of success - buffet of teen inspired treats enjoyed, but the carousel of delights was cleared out proving that the picnic table was where it was at for laughter and chatting.

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