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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Our friend, Portland tastemaker and marketing consultant, Judiaann Woo invited us to partner with Zupan's Markets in her bake sale to benefit Children's Cancer Treatment Development Institute, CC-TDI. Dozens of bakers, recipe developers, and local restaurants came out on a gorgeous September afternoon to contribute mouth-watering treats raising thousands of dollars for a life-saving cause.

Judiaann introduced me to CC-TDI and immediately I wanted to get involved. Dr. Charles Keller was a pediatric oncologist and a recognized expert in the biology of childhood sarcomas. Frustrated with the lack of treatment options (the FDA approves an average of 12 drugs every year to treat adult cancer, but only nine to treat childhood cancer since 1978), he shifted his focus from a clinical practice to research with a mission to make childhood cancer universally survivable.

Since inception in 2015, CC-TDI has pushed two drugs into three clinical trials to treat childhood cancer.

It was truly an honor to style the afternoon, raising awareness of this nonprofit. Set at the Lake Oswego Zupan's, customers enjoyed yummy sweets with complimentary coffee and lemonade, and more than 100 boxes packed full (and I mean FULL!) of delicious baked goods were purchased to enjoy at home. It was the best reason ever to indulge - and I did!

Judiaann is hopeful of making this an annual event in honor of Children's Cancer Month (September). You'll want to join us - trust me! In the meantime, if you are looking for ways to do good as the year end approaches, I invite you to get to know their work.

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