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Kicking off summer in the most delicious fashion!

The ever perfect hostess, food and lifestyle content creator Judiaann Woo invited some of her food friends to kick off the season with a luxury picnic in a private residence on the river. Liquid sunshine sprinkled delicious vibes for an unforgettable afternoon at a beautiful private home on the river. Each guest is a food blogger so you can only imagine all the care and attention that went into every dish at this potluck! French radishes with Irish butter and sea salt, shrimp salad rolls, matcha fudge, and the most beautiful Oregon strawberry tart ever. Watch for upcoming posts with many of these mouth-watering dishes!

The setting was perfect, food was beyond delicious, and the florals that studded the center of our table were BREATHTAKING. Nicole from Hollyhock Flower Farm brought us peonies that looked as if they were made of the most delicate tissue paper. Michelle and I were thrilled to be invited to join as guests ... this was our first luxury picnic to sit at and enjoy. They are really as fabulous as we say they are!

Special thanks to this incredible group of women who invited us to join! Check out their Instagram's for more photos and videos from the day.

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