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Hot off the presses!!

POLKA DOTS & PICNICS was beyond honored for Michele Francisco (@winerabble) to ask if we would be part of her story on luxury picnics in her new role as editor for Oregon Wine Press (@oregonwinepress). What a perfect title for her story - "Picture Perfect Picnicking" as no doubt our peers from other parts of the region strive to achieve with each occasion like we do! My advice: ”Take all the photos (and of course tag us on IG!!), then put those phones away and enjoy being present in the moment with those you chose to share this moment with.”

So excited Oregon Wine Press is featuring this beautiful product of this otherwise awful global pandemic. There were very few positives out of the last few years, but a renewed love for the timeless tradition of picnics and finding our niche to elevate life's moments for others was certainly a positive for me and our Polka Dots team.

CONGRATS to our peers around Oregon also featured in this story. Super fun to all be referring to each other as a result of this introduction! Check them out on Instagram:




Thank you to the magical photographers who shot the two images of ours seen here:

Eleanor Tietsort – left page, bottom left corner

Naji Saker Photography – right page, top left

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