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Easter delights!

I've always been a huge fan of the loud holidays with more laughter than you can count, but locally my family has consisted of my two perfect kids and me. Tons of laughter, but not so much loud - except for me. ❤️

Last summer both my father and cousin moved to Portland. My holidays just flipped into everything I ever wanted again ... perhaps a little too much. My cousin is a professionally trained, career chef. So I thought it'd be fun to turn up the heat in the kitchen with a new tradition - our annual Deviled Egg Throwdown! Turns out trash talking is my favorite part. I came in dead last - yummy, but last. Four competitors, five entries and my father an ecstatic judge! Everyone is already planning next year's eggs ... but I'd still like to point out, MINE ARE PINK! I feel like I should have gotten extra points for the gentle bath in beet juice. My heavens tho - each one was better than the last.

Clouds broke for a beautiful dinner al fresco and my nieces couldn't have been happier when I pulled out the fixings for fancy s'mores by the chiminea.

I was, am, a very happy lady.

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