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Dreams come true.

Lilah has been planning her 10th birthday for months. When her dad saw what we had started he knew a luxury picnic was the perfect foundation to Lilah's party. She invited 10 friends for a poolside picnic at Waverly Country Club. We'd have a craft area set up on our bespoke tables where her party guests would tie dye canvas shoes and assemble beautiful friendship bracelets. Lilah was thrilled!

And then COVID-19 lifted.

It was the middle of summer and the world was free to move about again. All of Lilah's friends were away on long awaited vacations. Only two were able to join her celebration.

Lilah's parents and I quickly pivoted ... but it was a surprise for their sweet girl.

The small party of three friends enjoyed a poolside party and lunch with the most AMAZING unicorn cake created by Waverly's culinary team. Still flush from the summer sun, they returned home for a sleepover. Little did Lilah know, the Polka Dot fairies had sprinkled some magic to their slumber party!

Tell me this video isn't absolutely everything ... then come back and read our favorite part.

Okay, now go back to the very first frame of the video and look at Lilah's mom's face. The third time I watched this video I looked back at her gorgeous mama, Chan and the utter delight radiating from her. I know this look - even have a personal relationship with this look. As a mom, there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do to make my kids' dreams come true.

Looking at Chan, I was quickly taken back to every Christmas morning I had been up til 3 making sure every detail was perfect in preparation for the two loves of my life to wake up and be filled with magic. I was filled with unexpected emotion and tears flooded my eyes. The comparison was almost perfect, except in this case, Chan didn't have to be up tying ribbons til 3 a.m., prepping cinnamon pull-aparts and brie quiche. While I loved creating this experience for Lilah, I immediately knew it was Chan that I was doing this business for. Her face says it all ... she was not only able to provide this moment for her darling daughter, but she was stress-free and able to be truly present in the moment - all the moments. This curated memory was not just for the birthday girl but her parents too.

Our vision was in focus. We knew what we wanted to do. Unforgettable moments. Yes, please!

Lilah had planned this huge fun celebration with her heart set on every detail. After this experience, she told her parents from now on she only wants small parties where we can truly enjoy her guests. 10 going on 23. Wish I was that mature ... ever.

Oh and the best part? It's contagious! See the gorgeous lady in the background with Lilah's two friends as she delights in this gift from her parents - that's Dawn and she quickly booked a Parisian teepee sleepover followed by a party the next day!

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