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Curating memories

Polka Dots & Picnics is in the business of curating memories. It feels as if the world is turning faster every day – each hour filled with tasks and endless demands on our time. We intend to slow that spin, even if just for a few hours, allowing clients to savor personal connection surrounded in beauty and enjoy the exhale. Polka Dots creates these moments through beautifully curated luxury picnics and charming teepee experiences – offering guests effortless splendor with family and friends full of magical memories.

Lauren Tietsort and Michelle Holman founded Polka Dots & Picnics as a way to reconnect people in safe, gorgeous settings that lend themselves to being present with family, friends, and clients after a year of social isolation. Based out of Portland and serving the surrounding region, it quickly became clear we found a special niche our community was craving.

Lauren's 20 plus years in nonprofit fundraising aligns perfectly in understanding our client objectives - whether it's a marriage proposal or a creative new take on the term "company picnic." With a vision for lavish atmospheres, love for design, and eye for detail she brings people together in meaningful ways. Michelle's 20 plus years supporting nonprofits around the world through her continued work at Greater Giving, offer her unique insight into creative trends in other regions and a brilliant ability to see the strengths in others, she quickly knew luxury picnics was an element the Pacific Northwest was missing. Her deep love for community and friends enhanced her desire to bring them all together again.

Our goal is to provide you with a stunning environment where phones can be set aside, glasses are raised, and eyes connected in conversation. As we re-enter the new normal, there are many unknowns but Polka Dots & Picnics is dedicated to creating spaces in hassle-free, safe, and lavish experiences to share. Whether you’re planning a romantic date for a special someone, celebrating a momentous occasion, throwing a child's birthday, or simply catching up with friends, Polka Dots & Picnics curates memories - you just bring the guests and a smile!

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