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Celebrating life with curated memories

Growing up my mom would do all sorts of fun crafts for the holidays. One of my favorites were the Easter trees with delicate blown eggshells, hand painted and hung from manzanita branches.

I was finally given the perfect opportunity to bring that childhood memory of my own into a beautiful curated moment for our dear client.

Her gorgeous, vibrant niece was taken way too early. It was our distinct honor to celebrate this woman in a true celebration of life. Watch for a few photos of the occasion where we tried to reflect her vitality and personality in unique touches like a tree of memories at the heart of the event, ladened in photos framed in her signature color - purple.

I just love the way this table of memories came out with the bespoke photo tree, art she painted, a page we invited her son to color for her, frames of snapshots for family to take home, and the lyrics to a song she wrote her little boy just months before her passing unexpectedly.

Her vibrance and vitality will live on in all those who love her.

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